Wednesday, August 4, 2010

126. Don't date guys whose email address is their

It's a bit of a red flag for arrogance (okay who are we kidding... its a big red flag for arrogance) to have your own and make it your email. If you want someone more down to earth (and less obsessed with himself) stick with dudes that use the the regular ole and you'll be fine. Another red flag is but that's an entirely different issue...


  1. amen. interesting that the is mostly done by guys. more narcissistic perhaps or just more tech savvy?

    yep, is a deal breaker. though at least the @aol folks are loyal.

  2. @aol is SUCH a deal breaker. As is having the click noise activated on your iPhone keypad.

  3. = tech savvy = tech obsessed.
    Huge Difference

    @aol is a little too To Catch A Predator-esque


    their @aol distinction is right on! doesn't cover, but i'm pretty sure that's less tech obsessed and more of an indicator of self obsessed.

  5. im a guy, and im soo glad i found this blog :)

  6. We're glad you found it too

  7. I'll come to the defense of because most likely it implies he is a designer or a developer with an online portfolio.

    gmail is the worst email platform ever, when it comes to organizing your mail. So, in some cases, it is a better choice to use your server's email client.

    (P.S. Love your blog)