Wednesday, March 17, 2010

116. Move to the Midwest if you want a relationship.....

If you ask a man why he moved to San Francisco odds are he wont reply, "to fall in love and get married." In the heart of technology and as a major financial hub, our city's bachelors spend more energy engaging with clients to secure new business than worrying about finding Miss Right next Friday at North Star. Take a hint from these hard working guys and concentrate on your own professional development. Determine why you absolutely must succeed,set high goals, and do the hard work to achieve them. San Francisco is ripe with innovation and it would be a shame to not use the region's uniqueness to fulfill your maximum potential.


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  2. Although I agree with the focusing on your career part, I disagree with the comment of finding a boyfriend in the mid-west. I know plenty of great guys that would date and be a great boyfriend, if only the majority of girls were not crazy, floozies, money whores, drunk messes, and were instead just normal like a mid-western girl.