Monday, January 18, 2010

111. Don't date guys who have posted videos of themselves on YouTube or Facebook.

While we will all agree that we want a guy with sense of humor there are times when their displays of wit are downright narcissistic. Case in point: Online video postings. In general these are meant to make us laugh, but more often than not, they make us want to barf. Any guy who expends that much energy trying to portray himself in a given light will likely never put out that much energy towards you. If he thinks people actually care enough to watch his asinine videos it will be impossible to get close to him...mostly because his head is so big you won't fit in the same room.


  1. Where did you get your psychology degree from?

  2. haha who knew our blog was so popular?? look rach, we have a readership!

  3. 82.16% increase in page views this past week- we need to sign up for google adsense!