Monday, December 21, 2009

110. Keep friends strictly in the friend zone because you can never go back

Oh the joys of platonic friendship; a boy who texts back immediately, is fairly easy on the eyes and you can trust! With all of these things going for the guy it can sometimes be hard to not develop a childlike crush. They know what you look like without makeup, have wiped your tears when you've cried and given advice regarding your professional development ~ all requirements generally fulfilled by a boyfriend. You have the perfect relationship, and then, enter alcohol.....

A couple cocktails later (actually,a lot of cocktails later) you find your lips pressed against his and his hand reaching for your jeans button. Stop,NOW. Once you cross this line there is no going back, everything from here on out will painfully the point you find yourselves texting Beyonce lyrics back and forth. Anything past a hungover cuddle sesh and you've done in the friendship. You have far more to gain, like access to each other's cute friends, by keeping it G-rated.


  1. hungover cuddle sessions with a friend? that's just awkward

  2. yes, it's always better to take advantage of someone that trusts you than it is to respect their feelings