Tuesday, August 25, 2009

97. Goldilocks and the Three Dudes

We're beginning to notice a trend. First, you date the nice/safe/good guy who is kind of a pushover but he fawns over you and makes you happy (...aaaand then you get bored). Next, you go to the opposite extreme and date the asshole who has an edge to him but doesn't necessarily treat you well. He's self-absorbed and you find that attractive because it keeps you on your toes, but he's all sorts of wrong for you. Third, you find that happy medium... the guy that's juuuust right. He has the intrigue to keep you interested and (shocker!) treats you well too. And you appreciate him THAT much more now that you know how much the other two blow.

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  1. Brianna,

    You seem PYT with a dab of PST. Are you single?


    Oh wouldn't you like to know....