Wednesday, April 15, 2009

41. After your visit to Sarah Dee, make sure you have someone lined up so as not to waste $60

there's nothing worse than a wasted Brazilian. Unless "wasted Brazilian" is referencing a hot, drunk foreign man.... because that would be fabulous.

Refer to #38 if you would like to set up such an engagement


  1. Well,I am brazilian and the comment was very bad. And not true, I have seen a lot of beautiful,hot american girls getting wasted and even the hot brazilians men think they are the worst ever.
    Well, as an ex-girlfriend of 3 americans men,+1 marriage = those 4 americans thought the same, "Why the girls here completely loose it ,when wasted ?!!!" So, let's think about this one....and let's try not to be jealous of brazilian you said, better make friends than war. And I really love all my americans gfs.
    Xoxo, Ale
    I have a lot of nice, smart and hot american girlfriends.

  2. Ale- this is referring to getting your crotch waxed and "wasted Brazilian" was a joke and play-on-words. The "wasted Brazilian" referred to here is when you get a bikini wax and don't have anyone to hook up with that night. Cheers.